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  • Cellas Cherries

Cella's Cherries (milk chocolate)

Flavors Available:

  • Cellas Milk Chocolate
  • Cellas Dark Chocolate
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The Premium Chocolate Covered Cherry:

Pamper your sweet tooth with Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries—upscale, liquid-filled treats available in decadent milk- or dark chocolate varieties.

Since 1864, Cella’s has been producing premium chocolate-covered cherries whose eating experience is truly indulgent: The plump cherry offers a classic “snap” when biting into it, and is accompanied by a 100% liquid center (the only brand offering such a feature!). A truly unique eating experience.

Available in a variety of packages, including seasonal gift boxes.

Cella's History:

Since joining the Tootsie lineup of confectionary favorites in 1985, Cella’s has solidified its reputation as the world’s premiere chocolate covered cherry brand.


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