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Charleston Chew

Sizes Available:

  • Charleston Chew Bar
  • Charleston Mini Bars
  • Charleston Mini Chews
  • Charleston Small Bars
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An American Favorite:

Chewy, flavored nougat wrapped in a rich, chocolaty coating have made Charleston Chew an American favorite since its launch by the Fox-Cross Candy Company in 1922.

Named after the Charleston, a popular early-20th century dance, the bars are available in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors. They’re frequently enjoyed frozen, offering the classic “Charleston Chew crack” as folks love to break them into small pieces prior to eating. Charleston Chew joined the Tootsie family in 1993. Five years later, the brand introduced Charleston Mini Chews, single-serving boxes of bite-sized, full-flavored versions of the original vanilla Charleston Chew.

Charleston Chew Small Bars

Share the Charleston Chew Experience with Charleston Chew Small Bars, scaled-down versions of the original Charleston Chew, individually wrapped and packed in value-priced bags. They're perfect for parties, holidays, or everyday sweet tooth snacking. And of course, they're ideal when pulled from the freezer, as they're every bit as crackable as their full-sized namesake.


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