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Junior Mints: Original

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Junior Mints:

When your sweet tooth demands both the rich taste of dark chocolate and the cool, fresh flavor of peppermint, there's no need to choose: reach for Junior Mints, America's favorite chocolate covered creamy mint since its introduction in 1949.

Named after a popular Broadway show of the time, Junior Miss, the pure chocolate-covered candy has been both a movie theater and at-home entertainment favorite. It even played an integral role in a Seinfeld episode storyline (a Junior Mint was dropped into the abdominal cavity of a surgery patient who later miraculously recovered).

Junior Mints Deluxe:

More is better! Take an American candy favorite—Junior Mints; jumbo-size them—these are about half-an ounce each; tweak the textured peppermint so that it's a reservoir of creamy, fondant center . . . and you've got Junior Mints Deluxe, the most decadent member of the Junior Mints candy lineup.

These sumptuous candies are etched with “JM” on their pure dark chocolate outer shells, making them the ideal gift-giving candy as well as self-indulgent treat.

Junior Caramels:

With their chewy, caramel centers generously coated with pure, milk chocolate, Junior Mints Junior Caramels are the perfectly balanced snacking candy.

Raspberry Cremes:

Tootsie Roll brings you these delicious chocolate covered raspberry crèmes. Each sweet, smooth and creamy raspberry bite is covered in decadent dark chocolate! Raspberry Cremes are peanut and gluten free.

The History of Junior Mints:

Since joining the Tootsie family in 1993, Junior Mints has continued to thrive as an American candy favorite. Today, Tootsie produces more than 15 million Junior Mints a day, all from its original Cambridge, Massachusetts plant.


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