Group of DOTS Gumdrops; Tootsie Roll products

DOTS Gumdrops

America's favorite, #1-selling gumdrop brand, DOT fans are candy lovers of all ages. DOTS are a proven snacking staple for both moviegoers and candy enthusiasts everywhere. The chewable, cone-shaped treats are available in a variety of flavors - ensuring a palate-pleasing choice for every sweet tooth.

Group of Crows Black Licorice Gumdrops; Tootsie Roll products

Crows Black Licorice Gumdrops

Licorice-flavored Crows, while a member of the DOTS family, is a bit different than its fruit-flavored siblings. Their perfectly balanced anise flavor delivers a comforting, mature taste - drop after drop.

Tootsie roll and bubble gum roll

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