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Chocolate-covered nougat has met perfection...try them frozen.  Bite size versions and mini-bars, along with the classic long bar.  It doesn't matter the size, the flavor is huge!

Group of Charleston Chew Bars; Tootsie Roll products

Charleston Chew Bars

Chewy, flavored nougat wrapped in a rich, chocolaty coating have made Charleston Chew a true American. Available in strawberry and vanilla too! They're frequently enjoyed frozen, offering the classic "Charleston Chew crack" as folks love to break them into small pieces prior to eating.

Group of Charleston Chew Small Bars; Tootsie Roll products

Charleston Chew Small Bars

Share the Charleston Chew Experience with Charleston Chew Small Bars, scaled-down versions of the original Charleston Chew, individually wrapped. They're perfect for parties, holidays, or everyday sweet tooth snacking. And of course, they're ideal when pulled from the freezer, as they're every bit as 'crackable' as their full-sized namesake.

Group of Charleston Chew Minis; Tootsie Roll products

Charleston Chew Minis

Just like their namesake, the Charleston Chew, these single-serving boxes of bite-sized mini bars are full-flavored versions of the original vanilla Charleston Chew. Enjoy the chewy, flavored nougat wrapped in a rich, chocolaty coating of Charleston Chew Mini Bars.

Group of Charleston Chew Rollers; Tootsie Roll products

Charleston Chew Rollers

Bite-sized, chewy nougat rolled in a chocolatey coating. Our famous Charleston Chew candy is packed in a resealable to-go pouch that travels well. So, indulge, snack, share and be happy - everywhere you go with Charleston Chew Rollers! Charleston Chew Rollers are the perfect on-the-snack.

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