We offer a wide variety of coated and uncoated dextrose bulk vending candy.
Dubble Bubble bulk vending candy includes:

Bleeps, Top Secrets, Polar Mints, Double Pucker Ups, Cotton Candy, Cry Baby Tears, Bananarama, Crazy Bananas, Rascals, Bonz, Flower Power, Gone Fishing, Pucker Ups, and Tangy Tarts.

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Dubble Bubble History:

Created in 1928 by Fleer Candy Company accountant Walter Diemer (he claims he stumbled upon the recipe by accident), the gum featured comic strip featuring brothers Dub and Bub (replaced in 1950 by Pud). It grew in popularity, and was even distributed as part of military rations during World War II. It also was part of the first-ever gum five-pack (1957).

Dubble Bubble joined the Tootsie family in 2003, adding its standing as the world’s favorite bubble gum brand to the world’s favorite candy lineup .

Contains a bioengineered food ingredient made from U.S. crops.

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